Painted T-Shirt to Order

Do you want to have a really unique T-Shirt that no one else in the world has?

One of the possibilities of the original decoration of the T-Shirt is a hand-painted motif according to the photo you sent. This T-Shirt is hand-painted, made to order (not in stock), color-adjusted according to your choice in the order and its production begins after payment for orders.

Sample t-shirts that I painted to order for my customers:

I don’t make an exact copy of the photo, just use the main motif (it’s art, not a photo print). I using American Createx/Wicked Colors or Spain Vallejo Textile Colors using the airbrush technique, which is characterized by the paint being sprayed with a gun using compressed air. Droplets of paint soak into the fabrics, creating an image similar to inkjet printing for direct textile printing. The difference is that the acrylic paints I use are polyacrylic resin-based dispersion inks and are more durable than conventional printer ink pigments. The colors are pleasant to the touch, they do not crack. And above all, it possible also painting with non-traditional colors such as metallic, pearlescent, fluorescent (glowing under UV light) and phosphorescent (glowing in the dark). This creates a unique magical image that you can wear on you and enchant the people around you.

Each T-Shirt is original, it is not possible to paint two identical!

You can choose one of these T-Shirt cuts:

T-Shirt Basic 160g (men/women/kids)

Single Jersey, 100% cotton, weight 160 g/m²

  • tubular cut (men) / slightly fitted cut with side seams (women) / cut with side seams (kids)
  • narrow hem of the neck made of rib knit 1: 1 with 5% elastane
  • neutral size plate on the side of the neckline
  • reinforcing tape from shoulder to shoulder (men) / strengthening of shoulder seams with tape (women/kids)
  • the inner part of the neckband is cleaned with a tape made of upper material (women/kids)
  • silicone treatment

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