About Me

Jana Krummerova

aka Jane Arida Krummer
or J. A. Krummer

I come from the family of the Krnov poet F. A. Sipek. He was my maternal grandfather. Although my grandfather was a poet and I also tried to compose a few poems and songs, my heart tended towards a different art…

I have loved to create since I was a child. I also tried to embroider, but it didn’t last me very long… I rather drew and painted, preferably animals. My school notebooks were stained with drawings of horses and dogs. All my life I drew with a pencil, pen and painted only with a paintbrush. Later I discovered the magic of the airbrush. I bought my first Fengda BD-183 airbrush and I really enjoy it. I’m still getting better at this technique.

When my father founded a limited liability company in the field of printing, I tried computer graphics and I was thrilled. I learned to use the then available graphics programs PageMaker, AmiPro, CorelDraw, later followed by Adobe CS – InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator. 

In the following years, I also tried web design and the basics of PHP3 programming. I used HomeSite programs, later PSpad and for graphics Gimp (bitmap), Inkscape (vector), Scribus (typesetting). I still use them. I gave up programming, I enjoy graphics more. Why create something that someone else has already created… so today I use various CMS to create websites. I will install, create the structure of the website according to needs and wishes, modify templates, install plugins as needed and make custom graphics. I have my own project for creating websites for breeders.

I have also always been fascinated by photography. My first photos were black and white, the model was our gray cockatiel and crossbreed dog, later a couple of racing ponies and thoroughbreds. Then I bought my first Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ-18 digital camera and a Panasonic SDR-H20 camcorder, with which my husband and I took pictures and recorded several events, and from these materials I also processed videos on DVD (eg HEABC Dogshow and Irondog of American Bulldogs in Kravare), selection competitions for the Youth Championship in Sport Cynology in Otice and Opava, exhibitions of German Shepherds in Otice and Opava, etc. I recently bought my first Canon EOS D1300 digital SLR camera and I still use it today. A new video camera is also planned. I process videos in Pinnacle Studio 21.